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Today was a good day. I had a great lazy-Sunday morning followed by a trip to Smith for brunch with friends. The trip to Smith in Capital Hill turned out to be quite an ordeal in itself and Seth and I arrived about 45 minutes late. This was due to the fact that the Seattle Marathon was today and many streets were closed down because of it. On more than one occasion, we were faced with either illegally riding the wrong way down a one way street or entering I-5 on our mopeds.

When we finally got there, I was real impressed with the feel of Smith. It was less Seattle more Richmond with a twist. The service was definitely Richmond-Style where the hipster servers appear to be working more for hipster points than tips and they really don’t seem to care at all about the service or the job they’re supposed to be doing. That aside, it was some really good brunch and even better mimosas. I had the baked eggs and the table ordered a $20 pitcher of mimosa. It was good and I can’t wait to go back for poutine and a pitcher of beer (which is on my list.)

After brunch we rode mopeds back to the other side of the lake and had a breakdown in the U-District so we spend a considerable amount of time under the bridge at the “Wall of Death”. I had been by the “Wall of Death” a few times and pondered it origin and odd placement under a bridge so I took this as an opportunity to learn more about it. There’s a good blog about it here. Overall, is just another outdoor art installation in Seattle and its confusing to me why its placed there and why that topic – is there a time to that area in a former time? or was the artist just real into velodromes or circus acts? If you know, fill me in.

After the Wall of Death, I headed home and snuck in an afternoon nap before heading off to movie night at Kurt’s house. We watched so bizarre Japanese film about boys synchronized swimming.

Yeah, today was a good day.


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Yesterday was Thanksgiving – a day that is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. In years past, I have almost always celebrated with friends since I do not live close to my parents and now that I live in Seattle, I am 3000 miles from my family.

So this year, like many years in the past, I have had Orphan Thanksgiving for all of my friends without families nearby. Originally, I thought it might just end up being Kurt, Dean and myself but the day actually grew into quite an event and, by far, one of the most memorable and fun Turkey Days ever. At one point, I had at least 18 people crammed into my tiny apartment.

We had delicious food. I made a Turkey, Tofurkey, Field Roast, Sweet Potato Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Roasted Vegetables, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing and Pumpkin Bread Pudding. Others brought cheese and crackers, green bean casserole, fruit salad and pies. We even had a blind-folded apple pie taste test (I still think Matt Smith’s pies won).

The activities throughout the day included I Love the 80’s Board Game, Twister, WiffleBall and Mafia. It really was a great day and it made me fall in love with Seattle even more.

At one point in the day I believe a new definition of Thanksgiving became apparent to me and I realized that the things I am thankful for are with me each and everyday. I have a great group of friends throughout the country. The best “imaginary friend” ever that’s 3000 miles away yet it seems he’s there with me on almost everything I do. I have a great family that I have never felt closer with and most of all, I’m thankful I chose Seattle.



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today chicago, kim and i all went on an adventure to the pacific science center and it was awesome.
first we ran to the imax theater to see sea monsters 3d (we ran because we were almost late, and they won’t allow late seating because of terrorists). the movie was pretty awesome even though it took my eyes a few minutes to get used to the 3dness, the horrible actors butchered their mediocre lines (this fella might be giant sized!), and the super short length of the film. it was only eight bucks, which is like a buck cheaper than going to see a movie at a normal theater anymore.. and a hell of a lot more fun!
after that we ran around the science center and played with all the neat exhibits. i should have taken a lot of pictures, but i forgot my camera at home like a jerk. chicago brought his, and got lots of pictures, but he will probably take a couple months to put them online. oh well, i guess!
after that we walked to lunch. well, mostly walked… kurt and i did a lot of tromping around in shrubs, avoiding shrub sharks and finding hidden treasure (bum bed!). also we remembered to not to forget to jump kick up most curbs. you had to be there, i guess.
later was movie night (ducktails: the movie), rhodora showed up early and we made cookies for everyone. after the movie, those who didn’t go home stuck around for another movie (bottle rocket).
and now here i am typing to all you lovely people, about to go to bed.
a fun day! was worth.


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1/2 of Team Regrets will be making an appearance this weekend.


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High on my list of places to visit in Seattle has been the Smith Tower Observation Deck. Long before I even reached Seattle, I read about the building and its architecture, history and decor and buildings like this fascinate me. Maybe its my Richmond ties but buildings with a rich history are way cooler than new ones.

So on Sunday, I had the chance to finally go see the observation deck and the Chinese Room at the Smith Tower. The building was Seattle’s first skyscraper, once the 4th tallest building in the world, and it remained the tallest building west of Chicago for almost 50 years. Yes, this was back in the early 1900’s but its still impressive.

As you enter the building, there’s not much of a grand lobby but there’s still lots of well-kept remnants of days past. The elevators still run with an elevator operator and as you slowly ascend you get a quick peek into each floor.

Arriving at the top, you enter the Chinese Room, filled with teakwood imported from China. The ceiling is gorgeous with 776 porcelain discs inlaid into teak tiles.

The Chinese Room can be rented out for special events and private parties and comes complete with a built in bar. (I apologize for not taking more pictures of the inside of the room.) But the beauty of the room is in constant rivalry with the beauty outside of the room. This building has a much more interesting view of Seattle than the Space Needle and for the price, its a much better deal too.

Blargh Face!!!

After leaving the Smith Tower, we headed over to Pike Place Market. The goal was to explore the market fully and get some food at the Alibi Room. We failed at both. The market, as always, was crowded and it made me claustraphobic and not feeling like it at all. I will go back and explore – it just wasn’t going to happen that day. I was, however, introduced to the “doughnut place” inside the market. This vendor serves up mini-doughnuts made right before your eyes and you can get a dozen for under $3 if your prepared to wait in line.

We also stopped by the gum wall in Post Alley to marvel at its vast disgustingness.

Today was a good day.


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The Swedish Pancake Breakfast at the Swedish Cultural Center had been on the list for a long time and thankfully, Isaac made arrangements for a group of us to go. The Swedish Cultural Center only holds its popular breakfast once a month (I believe its the first Sunday of every month).

When you go, be prepared to wait in line. This is a really popular thing and not just to the Swedish. For $7 you’ll get two food tickets… one for your food, the other for seconds. Those tickets will get you a plate of pancakes and a slab of ham along with a tiny cup of coffee, juice or tea. The pancakes can be topped with lingonberries and/or strawberries and fresh made whipped cream.

In addition to the food, you’ll see Swedish dancers and yodelers and have the opportunity to tune into all things Swedish while waiting in line.

Now, in my opinion, this was $7 well spent on a lazy Sunday morning but this whole Swedish pancake deal didn’t take place with out some flack. You see, Matt claims he’s better than the Swedes at making Swedish pancakes and although he may carry a recipe for them around in his wallet, I highly doubted that it made him qualified enough to surpass the Swedes in their pancaking skills. He’s not even Swedish for god-sakes.

So the challenge begins….

Matt’s pancakes were completely different than those at the cultural center. Sweeter, lighter and with a lemony twist. He actually CAN make pancakes (but I did see him pull the recipe out of his wallet.)

All-in-all, it was kind of like comparing apples and oranges – but Matt’s pancakes were the winners – no contest.

The side-by-side comparison:


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Weeks ago, yes, I know….

Brett, Joel and I rode moped from Moped Monday to the Dick’s Drive In in Capital Hill. I really just went because it was on my list… I had literally just finished eating my dinner when they announced that they were going. Dick’s is an interesting place. You can smell the greasy wafting through the air as you approach and it seems to have a line patiently waiting outside at any given time of day.

Since I don’t eat land animals, and I had just eaten dinner, I didn’t get a hamburger but you could tell from the thick greasy smell outside the place that it had some good, old fashions, heart clogging burgers. I had to get something so I got a $2 ice cream sundae.

Not only does Dick’s have great greasy food, there’s also so interesting people watching as there seemed to be an eclectic mix of people all jones for some cholesterol.

As we went to get on our mopeds and head back, Joel found a condom wrapper and instructions for Plan B in the parking lot. Apparently Seattle REALLY loves it’s Dick’s.


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